Zombies, Christmas, and Musicals Collide in the New Trailer for Anna and the Apocalypse

Candy canes: garish, but an effective zombie bludgeon, apparently.
Candy canes: garish, but an effective zombie bludgeon, apparently.
Photo: Parkhouse Pictures
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Nothing says the holiday spirit like a good musical—and the rotting hordes of the undead!

We’ve got a new trailer today for the delightfully charming Anna and the Apocalypse, inspired by a short film produced by the late Scottish writer/director Ryan McHenry. The feature-length adaptation, now helmed by John McPhail, sees a young girl navigate the teenage drama of high school romances and teen relationships...while also having to deal with a zombie attack at her school. You know, the usual things kids go through these days.

It’s a heady mashup of some wildly disparate genres—but from what we saw of the film at Fantastic Fest last year, it comes together in the final product pretty damn well.


Anna and the Apocalyse begins its limited release Nov. 30, before opening in a wider release across the U.S. throughout December.

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