A reanimating virus gets loose in a strip club and starts converting all the performers into brain-hungry undead monsters, in Zombie Strippers, starring Jenna Jameson. You can tell it's a deeply subtle movie from the way one of the women says the film's title with so much gusto, in this trailer. And yet, the comedy/horror film is based on Eugene Ionesco's absurdist play Rhinoceros and takes place in the town of Sartre, NE. Zombie Strippers is getting a limited theatrical release in 14 cities. Click through for details.

According to writer/director Jay Lee (The Slaughter), here's the plot of Zombie Strippers:

A corporation is developing a chemo-virus to re-animate soldiers killed in combat so they can keep on fighting. The tests prove dying and re-animating can make these soldiers fearless, and thus they become super-zombie soldiers. The virus gets loose in the lab, an elite squad comes in to clean it up, one gets bitten, runs and hides in a dark building that happens to be an illegal strip club.


Zombie Strippers hits New York, Boston, L.A., San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Madison, WI on April 18, and Atlanta, Seattle and Philadelphia on April 25. Here's the Fandango page. [Cinematical]