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Zombie Reboot Day of the Dead: Bloodline Looks Sorta Braindead

Image: Saban FIlms
Image: Saban FIlms
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The horror world lost its zombie godfather earlier this year when George A. Romero left this mortal coil. But his influence continues to be felt every time the undead roam in search of tasty brains—which they’ll certainly do in Day of the Dead: Bloodline, a “reimagining” of Romero’s classic 1985 film, which just dropped its red-band trailer.

Romero fans, of course, will recall that the original Day of the Dead is set in a military base populated by weary survivors—civilians, soldiers, and a scientist whose star subject, Bub, is a zombie whose mushy brain has retained a startling amount of human characteristics. This new version, directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens, has a similar setting as well as a weirdly smart dead guy, and what looks to be appropriately gushing geysers of gore (say that three times fast!). But it’s hard to tell from this “edgy,” abrasively-edited preview if Bloodline is entertaining or innovative enough on its own to justify remaking Romero’s cult-beloved classic—much less bring yet another zombie movie into the world.


We’ll be able to say for sure once Day of the Dead: Bloodline is in theaters, on VOD, and on Digital HD starting January 5.

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The Bloodline is probably added to the title because they already did a “remake” in 2008. If by remake you mean generic zombie movie set in a regular town, which happened to get the rights to the name and decided to throw someone named Bud in it