The London Dungeon had to pull its digital ads from the Underground, due to a legion of terrified children. What was the big commotion? Apparently the painting came morphed into a full-fledged bloody, howling Queen Mary zombie. Check it out!

The Telegraph is reporting that the digital ad for the London Dungeon turned out more terrifying than the dungeon-masters bargained for. The Queen would sit and stare into space, and then suddenly morph into the zombie and stare down any bystander, which you can see right here.


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the poster ad should not be used again as it had 'terrified' children and breached fear and distress guidelines.

Stating: "We considered that the morphing image, and the juxtaposition of a calm face with a very scary one, were likely to startle and frighten young children...We also considered that when the face morphed into the scary character, the bloody gashes, white flesh, rotting teeth, red eyes and the threatening expression meant it was not suitable for young children to see."

I guess all we have to say on the matter is: Mission accomplished, London Dungeon, well done.

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