Zombie Penny or Robot Penny: How can Felicia Day return in Dr. Horrible 2?

When we got a moment to talk to Felicia Day at SDCC, she was full of excitement for the possibilities of bringing back Penny, Dr. Horrible's tragic love interest. We suggested Zombie Penny, but she was more into Robot Penny.

Oh, and there are no spoilers whatsoever, because none of this is actually set in stone. Day said:

Okay, Zombie Penny. I like that one. I get a lot of pitches. I personally am a fan of Robot Penny, because I think that would be a cool make-up design, making me into a robot. I mean who knows? I'd probably still be dead in the ground. But probability is hopefully more than zero that I would be appearing in it.


In any case, we think we helped nudge Day towards a combination of Zombie Penny and Robot Penny, perhaps akin to Robocop. She hinted that she might be pitching this to Joss Whedon, who was standing nearby. Make it happen!

And Day told us what's next for The Guild, including more delving into Fox's relationship, less of an arc this year, and lots of surprising twists and turns:

We also talked to Simon Helberg, who plays Moist, and demanded to know when Moist was getting his own spin-off. Helberg played coy and tried to pretend that he didn't think Moist was spin-off material. "Do you really want to see that much Moist? I don't know. I'll take whatever I can get as Moist now. He's pretty repulsive. It's hard. When you're that damp, you can't be around too many other people." He also didn't think Moist would be getting into the Evil League of Evil, for some reason. "I'm rooting for him... but it's not that high in demand, to dampen things. He can't snap [his fingers], he can't clap because his hand's slipping, it's probably hard to put a shirt on. So he's got his struggles. But I root for him."

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Dr. Horrible is on top of the world. His world domination plans are well underway, and in the opening scene of DH2, we see him taking his place as the Evil Leader of the Evil League of Evil.

There is only one problem. Billy's victory is hollow. The one good thing in his life is gone, and his victory is hollow. But he continues his campaign to rid the world of injustice... by destroying the government and putting himself in charge.

In the meantime, a masked crusader terrorizes the villains of the League, picking them off one by one.

Finally, Dr Horrible decides he must deal with this threat.

So he plans a huge, public heist, with the specific intent of confronting this new hero.

She shows up, and the battle for supremacy begins. As the two fight, the woman's mask comes off, revealing that the person contesting Dr Horrible's rightful throne... is none other than his true love, Penny.

She tells the story of how her recent love affair with Captain Hammer infused her with enough of his "essence" to allow her to heal from her injuries. She set out to find the man who destroyed her hero and make him pay...

"But I was your friend," he says to her. "Please, give us a chance!"

"That was before. I'm not that girl any more, Doctor," she replies.

"But Penny, I love you!"

"If you ever loved me, you wouldn't do this. You'd give up, turn yourself in, and end this life of crime."

And now he must decide between his mission and his heart. Does he give up the world and his freedom for a chance to be with his love, or does he destroy her to save himself?