Zombie Nazi And Alien Fighting Viking Poster Close Ups

Get a closer look at the bloody madness behind Dead Snow (Død Snø), which includes more chain-saw loveliness. Plus, there's a new trailer for Outlander the alien-viking smackdown film coming Jan. 23.

First, the Dead Snow poster, courtesy of Rushprint, is glorious — and if you're curious as to what role the chain saw plays in this whole snowy undead third reich pictures, you may want to check out this clip.


Next up, a new poster shows a close-up of James "Jesus" Caviezel in Outlander, where Caviezel crashes on Earth in Viking days. But unfortunately, he's not bringing tidings of comfort and joy — instead, he's got to gather allies to fight an alien foe, with iron-age weapons. And here's that new trailer:


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