The brilliant Japanese wrestling movie Oh! My Zombie Mermaid is finally coming to the West in July, raising all kinds of intriguing questions that aren't answered in the most bizarre way possible in the trailer.

According to Nippon Cinema:

Kouta (Shinya Hashimoto), the leader of a pro-wrestling organization called "Zero", is planning an over-the-top housewarming at his new mansion. The not-so-lucky attendees include his sister Nami (Sonim), TV producer Yamaji (Shiro Sano), and jealous party-crashing rival Ichijoh (Nicolas Pettas). Of course Ichijoh's appearance ignites an epic battle which all but destroys the entire place. Kouta's wife, Asami (Urara Awata) . . . contracts a mysterious disease. Meanwhile, the ratings-obsessed Yamaji concocts a plan to broadcast the most epic wrestling battle ever conceived.


I think we can guess the "mysterious disease" might somehow be related to zombie mermaidism. I like the combination of wrestling with zombies - sort of reminds me of Dead Set, the British miniseries about how the last bastion of humanity in a zombie-ravaged UK are the people on the sealed-off set of TV series Big Brother. I also suspect that the title Oh! My Zombie Mermaid might be a reference to Oh! My Goddess!, the silly/sexy anime series that often gets so annoying you wish that everybody would turn into brain-eating monsters so they would stop giggling so damn much.