Zombie mall experience lets you live out your Dawn of the Dead nightmares

Do you think you could survive a few hours in a zombie-infested mall with a rifle and a few buddies? The British company Wish.co.uk lets you test out your zombie killing skills with an airsoft course set inside an abandoned mall, filled with shambling actors.

Wish.co.uk offers consumers a number of experiences, from simple spa days to feeding lions and tigers. But none are as unusual as their zombie experiences, which let you train with experts to combat zombies, survive a zombie-filled manor, or hunt down zombies in an abandoned mall. For £119 per person (£139 as of April 23), you can spend two and a half hours in a mall in Reading, Berkshire, where you and your teammates will try to avoid death at the hands of the undead.


It sounds like zombie-slayer Simon Pegg might do a trip through the mall experience when he gets a free moment. Hopefully, they'll bring lots of video cameras when he does.

Zombie Experiences [Wish.co.uk via GeekTyrant]

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