Zombie King Kong, Giant Squids and Hordes of Zombies in New Goon Concept Art

There are only five days left to make a movie of Eric Powell's fantastic comic book The Goon. That's how long remains to the movie's Kickstarter campaign. Only five days! And David Fincher and the folks from Blur Studios are so close to getting the funds needed to finish off their R-rated story reel, that will hopefully seal the The Goon deal for Hollywood.

We've got an update from the fellas at Blur — including this beautiful bit of concept art showing a slackjaw street cleaning.


Here's the full image (click to embiggen).

Plus we got an update from the Blur Studios directors Jeff Fowler and Tim Miller (the fellas behind the amazing Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opening titles)

Jeff Fowler: The backers were very quick to tell us what we were doing wrong and that was great, so we were able to make adjustments to the Kickstarter campaign as we went along to based on their input. We heard from the granddaughter of legendary scifi fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta, and he was a huge influence on Tim. She reached out as a fan, and to say that she thought that her grandfather would have loved The Goon—that was cool.

Tim Miller: The biggest surprise for us doing Kickstarter was just how incredibly involved the FANS expect you to be. Once we understood that it's going to be this very intense and INTERACTIVE experience with the community, and EMBRACED that-the campaign takes on a whole new dimension. Personally I had no idea how rewarding that can be-I love it.

The folks at Kickstarter have been INCREDIBLY helpful-offering us some great advice and insight into how to make the best use of the whole process of fan-funding. It's a truly amazing process and one of those new ideas that are so fundamentally groundbreaking that you realize just how much potential this process has for the creative community.

Seeing the fans get behind the project is probably the greatest thing about this Kickstarter campaign, the emails, the comments and them spreading the word around the web has been SO satisfying to see. We knew folks loved the comic-but like dark-matter in the universe they were mostly invisible even though we could feel their pull. NOW we see it and feel it with every uptick on the site.


So if you want to help The Goon kick some supernatural ass on the big screen, head to their Kickstarter page... now!

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