Zombie fans, this is the most ominous real-life tweet you'll ever read

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Dear reality, please stop emulating almost every zombie story ever. It's becoming unnerving. Between that naked man eating a guy's face in Miami and this bafflingly sinister tweet from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's campus alert Twitter account, the undead apocalypse is seemingly ready to stumble out the gates at any moment.


The incident that prompted this tweet was a shelf collapse at the Institute of Genomic Biology Monday evening. After someone there was splashed with chemicals and flammable solvents unintentionally mixed together, firefighters cordoned off the building to clean up the materials. ("Without knowing the circumference of this hazmat release, we sent the whole kit and caboodle," said university police lieutenant Todd Short.)

Even the ensuing campus alerts managed to be vague and creepily formal. ("The hazardous materials release at the Institute of Genomic Biology has been mitigated and is no longer a threat.") That's the kind of purple prose you'd expect from the Raccoon University Twitter account.

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So, yes. I am safe. Heard about this last night from my twitter feed, since this is seriously blocks from where me and Mom work. She got the text sent to her phone. I immediately checked my local news on fb. Yes. Central Illinois is well prepared for zombie apocalypse.

Don't worry, World. We've got it covered.