Zombie Clones And Holy Aliens Build A Bridge From Web To TV

An online anthology series, in the mold of Twilight Zone or Outer Limits, is the latest online science fiction show to make the leap from the web to cable TV. Stranger Things will appear on cable channel Illusion On-Demand, which already picked up web series Venus Rises. The show follows ordinary people as they encounter weird scenarios in their day to day lives. For example, a husband clones his dead mother-in-law at the request of his nagging wife, and a priest discovers how alien encounters change our religious customs. With online show Sanctuary appearing on the Sci Fi Channel soon, the web could soon become the biggest back-channel for developing new TV series.

Stranger Things, launched in March, 2007, is the first science-fiction anthology series shot in high definition and digitally-syndicated through the Internet, predating even the larger-budgeted Sanctuary. The show's creator, Earl Newton, said of the new On-Demand syndication deal, "This is something that could only happen in today's world. This is a time when you can dream of something, work hard, and see it bloom. I created 'Stranger Things' in my living room. Now it's on TV. It is literally from my living room to yours." [Stranger Things via PR Web]


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