Zombie 5K obstacle course has you racing from the undead

Live out your zombie chase fantasies with this amazing 5K zombie run. Participants in the 5K will race through a challenging obstacle course, while zombie volunteers chase them down.


This Baltimore event is called Run For Your Lives, which sounds about right. Runners will wear flags (which represent life) while jumping and leaping over obstacles throughout a 5K course (unless you get lost, that is) while zombies chase them down and try to rip off their "life." If you cross the finish line without any remaining flags, you're dead (and ineligible for the prizes at the end of the race). Don't want to run? Don't worry! You can sign up just to partake in the fun afterparty and live music fiesta after the race!

I'm seriously thinking about doing this race, and I would love it if other io9ers wanted to try and huff it through a zombie 5K with me. Seriously. So, who's with me?

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crashedpc /sarcasm

I'd do it if I wasn't on the West Coast. I'll just have to host my own impromptu "chase screaming humans down the street" race, then.