We caught up with Star Trek/Avatar star Zoe Saldana this past weekend at Wondercon, and she told us to expect a lot of surprises in the next Trek. And she hopes to see a deepening of the Spock-Uhura romance.

Sorry about the noisy video - it was a crowded press room, and we were lucky to get a few moments one-on-one with Saldana, who was promoting her part in The Losers. We asked Saldana if she's heard anything about the next Trek, and she said that she's still in the dark, but knowing J.J. Abrams, there'll be a lot of surprises.


And Saldana added:

I can only hope that in this next film there's more depth to the Spock-Uhura relationship. And maybe I'll get to kick some ass!


Separately - probably at the same press event - Saldana told MTV that she's expecting to film the Star Trek sequel next, probably followed right afterwards by the Avatar sequel.

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