Illustration for article titled Zoe Saldana could play the green-skinned ass-kicker Gamora in emGuardians of the Galaxy/em

Looks like it's Zoe Saldana hasn't yet missed the chance to paint her whole body green. But instead of cosplaying as an Orion from Star Trek, rumor has it she's moments away from signing up to star as Gamora the green-skinned alien assassin in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Which means we may finally see this lady kick a little ass again.


The Hollywood Reporter says Saldana is close to playing Gamora, the bad ass alien lady who has dealt with the big bad Thanos quite a bit (he raised her).

All Saldana needs to do now is get cast in Star Wars and she will have the EGOT version of being in every awesome franchise of the new millenium.


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