The creator of NBC's alien-invasion series V has been shopping around a script for a big-screen remake, and it looks like the 1980s aliens may get to give world domination one more try. Latino Review unearthed V creator Kenneth Johnson's spec script, and it sounds pretty true to the series. Find out whether "The Visitors" can be trusted, and how to make one scary alien spawn, after the jump. With spoilers, and creepy alien videos from the TV series.


Aliens have landed, Independence Day style. Giant space ships hover over the Earth's big cities, major capitols and the United Nations. Out pop red-jumpsuited aliens who look just like us, except for their terrible fashion sense. But no worries, they mean us no harm. We know this because they say so, and then they invite the humans on board for a get-together.

As opposed to following a bevy of characters, V (the movie) trails main character Mike Donovan, a cameraman (and a few other friendly V characters from the past). Mike is an experienced photojournalist, and has been in the field photographing wars and what not. Because of his photojournalist skills, Mike is selected to board one of the major ships and bring back pictures for the citizens of the world.

Meanwhile, Julie Parish and her scientist friends watch the aliens land, while she cures cancer or something (good for her). The world decides to call our new red-suited friends "The Visitors" and go ahead and give them joint law enforcement. The Visitors are a huge success with the Earthlings and their PR blitz soon has the world eating out of the palm of their hand. Which they use to systematically weed out all scientist in the world (Uh-oh, Julie). Scientists start to disappear, and smarty pants Mike figures out they're actually being tortured and eaten by the Visitors, which are actually giant reptiles in people suits. But Mike is alone in his rebellion because now that the Visitors have our love, they've convinced most of the population that the scientists are evil and must be stopped, and thus the new overlords enact their systematic weed-out system of all those against their rule, with the consent of many Earthlings. Julie forms a rebellion, called the Resistance (catchy). She slowly builds her troops to avenge her fallen comrades and rid the world of their evil overlords.

Mike gets busted by the Visitors and is hauled off to the mothership, but lucky him he finds a human-sympathizer among the reptilian species, who helps him escape via Visitor space pod. The Resistance coordinates with Mike and together they fight to free some of their amigos. But the Visitors still control much of the planet and intend to do so until they've used all of the resources available on Earth (they're going to steal Earth's water).


So out-gunned, the Resistance sends out a help beacon, why not? The resistance hopes to find OTHER aliens that can fight their battle for them. Happy coincidence for Earth it just so happens that the Visitors enemies are close by. At it ends on that note, so you know they've got to make more if not a few direct to DVD movies. But through all of this human torture of the world's scientists, apparently some reptile people take the time to get busy with some of our Earth women. The end result is, one poor woman gets impregnated with a hybrid alien baby that could totally kick any cylon-human hybrid baby's butt. Check out the clip from the series - it's pure scifi glory. This kid is later dubbed The Star child and grows secret powers.

Don't know much about the V movie series you say? Well, io9 has a complete run-down on the series, including information on the Visitor space ship and toys that were seen in the series. Way more details at the link. [Latino Review]