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Most people think of zen as a state of calm reflection. Only the chosen few understand that zen is, in fact, named after one of the most deadly interstellar ninjas in history, and star of comic page, computer game and chromium-covered trading card set from the 1990s. Now, twenty-one years after his creation, Zen the Intergalactic Ninja is heading back from oblivion to a comic store near you to try and save the world. And not in the way that you'd expect.


The revival of the character - initially taking the form of reprints of his original stories, starting with a 99 cent first issue - will emphasize the environmental aspect of Zen's original stories, according to writer Stephen Stern:

To me, comic-books should always be more than just damn good entertainment... That's why Zen turned his sights on saving Earth's environment, back in the early 90's. My co-creator Dan Cote and I had the opportunity to get the message across to hundreds of thousands of young people, through our Archie Comics series, an action figure line from Just Toys, and both a GameBoy and NES game from Konami.


So, considering that Zen was an infant rocketed into space to avoid his death before being raised by masters of ancient martial arts and becoming a defender of the environment, does that make him a mix of Superman, Kung Fu and Captain Planet?

Zen: Intergalactic Ninja to return at Devil's Due [Comic Book Resources]

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