Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman Gets a 1990s Makeover in This Parody Trailer

Image: Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

The ’90s were a mixed time for superheroes on film and TV. Sure, there was Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, but there was also Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. Then you had Lois and Clark: the Corny yet Harmless Adventures of Superman. So, you can imagine that Zack Snyder’s ultra-mega-dark Batman v Superman would have looked a tad bit different back then.


YouTuber Frank Ireland (under the name ChiefBrodyRules) released a concept trailer of what Batman v Superman and the DCEU might have looked like if they had existed in the 1990s. It features John Cusack as Superman, who’s struggling to keep his identity secret while also combating the rise of the masked vigilante Batman, played by a delicious Bruce Willis. It’s bright, silly, and nostalgic. Also, Denzel Washington is Commissioner Gordon... and now I can’t picture anyone else in that role.

Now, all we have to figure out is who would’ve played Wonder Woman. My coworkers and I came up with a list:

Me: Shannen Doherty

Charles Pulliam-Moore: Gina Torres

Germain Lussier: Shannon Elizabeth

Cheryl Eddy: Sandra Bullock

Zach Ezer: Demi Moore

Katharine Trendacosta: Angelina Jolie

Evan Narcisse: Eliza Dushku

Who do you think could’ve rocked the ’90s Lasso of Truth? Let us know, and check out the concept trailer below.


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Frank Ireland
Catherine Zeta-Jones is the Wonder Woman I almost put in the trailer. lol But it was already clocking 4mins.