Zack Snyder will be asked to direct Justice League... if it happens

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We already knew that Warner Bros. is waiting to see how the Superman movie Man of Steel does before deciding whether to greenlight a Justice League movie. But now, it appears that if Justice League happens, Man of Steel's Zack Snyder will be asked to direct.


In the big Empire Magazine spread on Man of Steel, there's this dollop of information, via

Warner Bros.’ long-term view has been revised to embrace this new vision, just as the Dark Knight films resisted the commodification of Marvel. Whether we get a Justice League, they say, depends on Man Of Steel. If we do, they say, Zack Snyder will be asked to direct.

“I have a hard time having perspective,” Snyder admits modestly. “But I have to say that it is everything that I could have hoped for. Touch wood that I am not insane, but it feels really good.”

If you have mixed feelings about Snyder after Sucker Punch and the torpid Watchmen, that may not seem like good news. But even if you like Snyder fine, this does mean that the aesthetic of Man of Steel will absolutely dictate how Justice League looks and plays out, as well. And also, it means dark, conflicted versions of all the DCU characters, from the Flash to Wonder Woman. It's weird, considering that DC was always the sunnier of the two main comics companies, apart from Batman and one or two other characters.

In any case, it seems reasonably certain that Man of Steel will make money, whether anybody loves it or not. It's a lavish, big-budget film about a character with a lot of global recognition, and the film only really has to do as well as Superman Returns to be considered a hit. Plus when Superman Returns came out, the global box office was a lot less important — and Man of Steel seems likely to make a lot of money in Asia.

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I haven't watched Sucker Punch yet, though I've certainly heard terrible things about it.

I did really enjoy Watchmen, though. I don't quite get the criticisms. Then again, I read the book -afterwards- so the few changes that were made seemed to be an improvement and not a betrayal.