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Zack Snyder Walks You Through Each Insane Watchmen Detail

OCD detail-oriented director Zack Snyder is going to take you through his Watchmen adaptation, shot for shot. The special features on the BluRay release of Watchmen include Zack powering through just about every nuanced detail in Watchmen. See for yourself.

Say what you will about where Snyder "dropped the squid" in his Watchmen movie translation, you can not argue that the director pored over each shot, set, costume, prop and reference. The attention to detail is borderline unhealthy, but delightful to revisit.


The special features on the new Blu-Ray DVD release are most likely going to be the saving grace for Watchmen. This is where Zack's abilities as a director and fan boy panderer will shine. Who wouldn't get excited listening to him talk about the Ridley Scott references, and how they made the Comedian punch through the wall.

Still, it should be very interesting to see what he has to say about the meddled-with ending. I hope he has the stones to just pull David Hayter on camera and say, ask this guy! Ask him why he handed the most important line of the book from Dr. Manhattan to another character? Ask Hayter why he left out all the destruction and carnage from the last few shots. Oh wait, we did, and we're still not happy with the answer. Trot Hayter out there during the ending scene to answer these questions, I double dog dare you, and I'll be first in line with my fist full of cash for the Blu-Ray.


All in all, it's a cool thing that they are attempting to do with all this new fancy DVD technology, and I think it's marvelous for a film like Watchmen where there was so much detail you almost need a tour-guide to get through the film — and who better than the director? The DVD will be released on July 21st.

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Based on the comments whenever a Watchmen item pops up leads me to believe that I'm the only person on this site who actually liked Snyder's adaptation.