Zack Snyder Has A Squid For You, Plus A New Watchmen Clip

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Watchmen director Zack Snyder stopped by MTV's Spoilers show with a longer clip of the movie's prison-riot sequence. And he addressed the questions about one crucial change to Alan Moore's classic graphic novel. With spoilers.

Talking to the audience at MTV, Snyder fielded a question about how his movie changes the graphic novel's loony giant-squid-from-space ending:

"There is a couple of things, I think, interesting about the ending," Snyder explained to our audience, making reference to the giant alien monster he removed from Moore's story. "One, if you want to know about the squid - well, he makes a small appearance. If you notice, [Dr. Manhattan's] reactor is actually called the Sub Quantum Unifying Intrinsic Device. You see that sign [with the S.Q.U.I.D. acronym] if you look carefully in Adrian's [lair]; it's in the consoles, and it's also behind the thing when it gets teleported.


So there is a squid in the film, it's just a bit more metaphorical than before. (Looks like Snyder mentioned something similar to CHUD last week.) And he explained more fully why the actual, corporeal squid had to go:

The reason that the squid got taken out of the movie was so there'd be more Rorschach and a little bit more Manhattan. Because we did the math, and we figured it took about 15 minutes to explain [the squid's appearance] correctly; otherwise, it's pretty crazy.

And here's that clip, which is pretty exciting and dynamic, and yet totally stylized in a way that reminds me of Grindhouse:

[MTV Splashpage]


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Hmmmm, I think The Matrix spoiled me, cuz this doesn't look like the cast members trained for 6 months with a top Hong Kong fight choreographer.

Same old punches and spinning kicks as your typical action TV show.