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If there's one thing that this year's Star Trek reboot was missing, it was Zachary Quinto reading graphic Kirk/Spock slash. Until now. Click through for NSFW thrills.

Thanks to re-editing Quinto's audiobook version of the movie novelization, the internet now has Spork:

There's even an MP3 version and transcript for those who are allergic to YouTube. Here's an excerpt:

Working his way downward, his fingers appraised, knowingly, precisely. Spock knelt and placed his hands on his chest, driven to his knees by an overwhelming desire. His examining fingers had traveled as far as his thighs. After a long moment he looked up at Kirk. "I am always open to suggestions," Spock declared. Erect in the command chair, Kirk was not surprised to find that he was enjoying himself. "Suck me," Kirk opined plaintively.

You know you want more.

(Thanks, Carla)



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