The big mystery surrounding the second season of the wacky supernatural murder drama American Horror Story is which of the living and dead characters will be back. Creator Ryan Murphy has announced that Zachary Qunito will return for the second season — but not as the ghostly homeowner Chad Warwick. Spoilers!

As we mentioned in yesterday's Morning Spoilers, the second season will revolve around Jessica Lange's delightfully demented mother hen Constance (Edit: Sadly, she will be returning not as Constance, but as a new character, as will any other first season actors), with other actors from the first season popping up now and then. Murphy has now confirmed that Quinto will also be back for the new season, but this time not as Chad, but as an entirely new character. He'll be one of the two male leads who will torment Constance in her new East Coast digs. So what's up with the bicoastal doppelgangers? Murphy isn't saying.


Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Lily Rabe are also definitely to appear in season two, although we shouldn't rule any of the former denizens of the murder house out completely.


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