Zachary Levi's Alt-Con Nerd HQ Won't Be at San Diego Comic-Con This Year

Still: YouTube
Still: YouTube

It’s a sad day for those who can’t afford passes for San Diego Comic-Con. Zachary Levi has announced that The Nerd Machine will not be bringing Nerd HQ to San Diego this year, meaning comic book fans will be losing one of the con’s biggest offsite events.


“It is very, very difficult for me to even announce this right now. However, please know that we, collectively, did everything we possibly could to bring you Nerd HQ, like we always want to bring you Nerd HQ. We did everything. We turned up every stone,” Levi said in a video.

Nerd HQ started in 2011, and has since grown into the most popular offsite at San Diego Comic-Con. The annual event has included gaming demos, after-parties, and the famous “Conversations for a Cause,” a charity panel event for Operation Smile which last year included chats with Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Scott Bakula, and the casts of Supernatural and Orphan Black, among many others.

There’s no word why Nerd HQ isn’t happening this year. It could’ve been scheduling issue, or problems finding a venue, or other forces beyond their control. Levi added that there will be some announcements regarding other The Nerd Machine events during San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s possible Nerd HQ could return to San Diego in 2018.


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“It’s a sad day for those who can’t afford passes for San Diego Comic-Con.”

Based on availability of tickets and lack of hotels, isn’t that pretty much everyone?