Z Nation Won't Be Returning for a Sixth Zombierific Season

Farewell, Z Nation.
Farewell, Z Nation.
Image: Syfy

Our nation’s great Z nightmare is over.

As Deadline reports, Syfy has canceled Z Nation after five seasons. First premiering in 2014, already a bit late into pop culture’s latest zombie infatuation, the zombie apocalypse show, created by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler, has run for four seasons and is in the middle of wrapping up its fifth. The final episode, set to air on Friday, December 28th, will now serve as the series finale.


If you’re a fan of Z Nation’s brand of zombie, fear not! Black Summer, a prequel series, is coming to Netflix, set for next year with eight episodes. The zombie apocalypse giveth, the zombie apocalypse taketh away.

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Nightmare? Z Nation was great and shall be missed. The right blend of B grade cheese and actual heart that made it work.