The world is a scary place sometimes, but we can all take solace in the fact that the forces of good have come together and made this happen: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie has just been released on Blu-ray, with all manner of special features befitting its ā€œCollectorā€™s Editionā€ status.

Though it was released in 1987 to audience indifference and critical disgust, the sparkling treatment of this new release cements The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (tagline: ā€œIt doesnā€™t get any grosser than this!ā€) as a genuine cult classic.


Itā€™s certainly the one and only movie of its kindā€”unless someone can point me toward another work of cinema about creepy aliens who vaguely resemble human teenagers (except with way more oozing bodily fluids, farts, etc.) that come to earth, save an orphan (Mackenzie Astin) from bullies, break into song, design clothes, tangle with a femme fatale named Tangerine, get drunk with bikers, cause general mayhem, etc. All of that from a trading-card game! (Although my personal favoriteā€”the hot air balloon disaster that is ā€œCheryl Perilā€ā€”didnā€™t make the cast, alas.)

Yep. So anyway, the Blu-ray is out today on Shout Factory and it comes with the following brand-new special features:

  • The Effects Of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie ā€“ Interviews With Special Makeup Effects Creator John Carl Buechler And Makeup Effects Artist Gino Crognale
  • On The Set ā€“ An Interview With First Assistant Director Thomas A. Irvine
  • The Artful Dodger ā€“ An Interview With Actor Mackenzie Astin
  • The Kids Arenā€™t All Right ā€“ Interviews With Garbage Pail Kids Actors Arturo Gil (Windy Winston) And Kevin Thompson (Ali Gator)


The holiday are upon us, so you know what to do: give the gift a horrified New York Times deemed in 1987 ā€œenough to make you believe in strict and faraway boarding schools.ā€ Or even better, buy it for yourself.

[H/t The Retroist]