Yup, The Trailer For Scorpion King 4 Is Just As Amazing As You'd Expect

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The Scorpion King is back! And this time he's fighting skull-faced warriors and jumping off totally convincing-looking walls, and dueling with Lou Ferrigno. The Scorpion King 4 trailer features King Rutger Hauer, some great snarly dialogue, and some cage matches.


What? You didn't know there was a Scorpion King 2 and 3? We've got you covered here. Scorpion King 3 starred Victor Webster (Carlos from Continuum) in the role the Rock made semi-famous. And Webster's back for another go-around, for even more direct-to-DVD low-budget swordplay. Scorpion King 4 is out on DVD and Blu-ray on Jan. 20. Just remember, he is NOT the man you send to make peace. He will HUNT YOU DOWN.

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it's the direct to DVD trilogy of sequels to the spinoff of the sequel of the remake!