There are few movie logos as iconic and instantly recognizable as the Ghostbusters logo. The image of a ghost trapped in a “No” symbol has become so recognizable, it’s easy to forget it had to come from somewhere, and how that history is being celebrated.

A new art show will open in Los Angeles on October 30 called No Ghost Logos, and it’s a tribute to the work of producer and designer Michael C. Gross. Gross was one of the people primarily responsible for the Ghostbusters logo and, at this show, over 30 artists will reimagine that image in their own unique styles.

The show takes place from 7-9pm October 30 at Creature Features, 2904 West Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA. Click here for more information, but here’s a small sampling of the twisted and fun different art in the show. The artist’s name follows each piece.

Dan Schoening



Justin Gammon


Rafa Toro

Mr. Kone


Ray Chase

Chet Phillips


Scott Balmer

Yema Yema


Eric Bauza

Also, here’s a clip of Gross talking about the logo.

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