You've never seen Optimus Prime so gloriously outnumbered as in this exclusive Transformers Prime clip

Optimus Prime faces off against a whole army of stone Unicron figures, without any Autobot backup, in this exclusive clip from Saturday's new episode of Transformers Prime. If you thought Optimus was outnumbered in that forest fight scene in Transformers 2, this is a whole nother level.

I like a lot of the "camera" angles in this CG-animated clip, including the aerial shot of Optimus dealing destruction to Unicrons coming out of the sky. And then Optimus getting tossed towards the camera, landing in a crouch.


Here's the official synopsis for "One Shall Rise, Part 2":

Facing the greatest threat to Earth to date, the Autobots team with an unexpected ally.

The episode airs Saturday at 8:30 PM on The Hub.

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