You've never seen flowers bloom like this

Take a minute to appreciate this breathtaking time-lapse compilation of yawning petals, stamens and pistils, created by Czech photographer Kate Pruskova. It will fill you with awe for blooming flowers like you've never experienced before.

Blossoming flowers are one of the most common subjects of time-lapse film, and yet this movie takes things to a whole new level. Maybe the video's novelty stems from its homegrown aesthetic. All the flowers in the video were picked from either Pruskova's garden or her mother's. The footage comprises over 7,100 images and took over 730 hours to photograph. Pruskova's "studio" was constructed inside a cabinet:

I covered the back of the cabinet with black cloth, the flower was placed in the middle, and the whole cabinet was then covered with another cloth to insulate from the daylight (to keep the light constant, which is the most important). Two led lamps were used to illuminate the flowers. Some flowers bloomed in hours, some in few days.. therefore the interval between photos varies from few seconds to several minutes depending on the type of flower.. after several missed tries you'll learn ;)


It's also Pruskova's very first timelapse. Which is just… I mean… wow.

It should go without saying, but you'll want to watch this in HD, full-screened, with the volume up. This is really, really remarkable work — an unbeaten byroad on the well-trodden trail of beautiful (but otherwise benumbed) floral footage.

[Katka Pruskova]

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That's fantastic. It makes me want to set one up in our own backyard. We don't do a lot of flowers, but we do have this one resilient bird of paradise that just keeps coming back even though we don't do anything for it, really. The first time I went outside and found this bloom, though, I was smitten. I'd love to have seen this in slow mo like that. Nature is awesome.