You've Been Eating These Chemicals In Your Food For Years

Pyridoxal phosphate. Ascorbic and Nicotonic acids. Alpha-Tocopherol. Menadione. You've probably been eating all these chemicals in your food for years — and that's a very good thing.

Why? Because they're also known by some other names: Vitamins B6, C, B3, E, and K. Over at Compound Interest, Andy Brunning has put together this chart showing the 13 vitamins as both their chemical structures and their chemical names.


Much like this infographic breaking down single food items (an egg, a banana) into a list of their chemical components, it makes an important point about the food we eat and chemicals: Simply calling a food item a "chemical" — while it may certainly alarm some people — doesn't really share any information. The vitamins we eat are chemicals. The medicines we take are chemicals, too. And, as this chart notes, some of them are very, very good for us.

Infographic: Andy Brunning/ Compound Interest ,Top image: Ana Blazic Pavlovic / Shutterstock.

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