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YouTube Violinist Lindsey Stirling Makes Spider-Man Sound So Pretty

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

The original Spider-Man movie trilogy has its defenders and its haters, but one thing we can all agree on is the score is fantastic. It’s epic, sweeping, and Danny Elfman at his finest. Fifteen years later, it still holds up, even in black and white.


YouTube musician Lindsey Stirling recently released a music video cover of the 2000s Spider-Man theme. Together with pianist Lang Lang, the pair perform a gorgeous rendition of the original score. It’s got all the theatrical highs, all the melancholic lows, plus a few references to the original 60s cartoon theme song. And the best part: No dancing Emo Peter.

Stirling, a world-touring violinist and performer, is famous on YouTube for her dynamic violin covers of nerdy songs and scores. These include tracks from Dragon Age: Inquisition, Game of Thrones, and The Legend of Zelda. Her music video rendition of the Assassin’s Creed III theme song has gotten over 60-million views so far.


The Spider-Man cover is on Lang’s new album, New York Rhapsody. It’s currently available for download, and will be available as a physical album Sept. 16. Stirling recently released her third studio album, Brave Enough, featuring the song “Something Wild” from the Pete’s Dragon soundtrack.


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F'mal DeHyde

I scoff at the idea of youtube personalities (mainly because I’m an old) but Lindsey Stirling is amazing. Her music is lovely and her videos make me wonder if she’s some kind of faery creature.