Moana has been the number one movie at the box office in the U.S. for three weeks in a row, so odds are a lot of you have seen it. And maybe you are looking for a perfect way to commemorate your love for this great movie. Well, I think this poster just might do the trick.

Cyclops Print Works is releasing this vivid, beautiful, limited edition post for Moana on its website Friday. Check it out.

It’s by artist Tom Whalen, who has basically done a poster for every Disney movie you’ve ever loved. This one is a 24 x 36 inch, 12 color screenprint in an edition of 375. It’ll go on sale Friday December 16 at noon PST at


Update: While that poster sold out in December, a variant goes on sale January 20 at noon PST at the same link and in an even more limited edition of 125. Here it is: