Star Trek: The Next Generation kept boldly going to some pretty amazing places, fashion-wise, after its first few wild seasons. We never again saw quite so many bonkers glued-on costumes, but there was still a lot of WTF. Here's our tribute to TNG seasons four through seven.

Definitely click "Expand" to make these babies display in their full brilliance:

The Many Looks of Deanna Troi:

The Many Looks of Beverly Crusher:

Futuristic Nighties

Real Klingons Wear Fur. (That They Killed Themselves.)

Truly Great Alien Beard. Best. Hot Tub. Party. Ever.

A Truly Amazing Cape.

Cool Glasses!

A Giant Head. With Some Epic Braids.

The Many Flavors of Guinan

Leah Brahms is a Theoretical Fashion Genius

The Time Picard and Data Wore Awesome Masks

The Robin Hood Episode. In Which Everyone But Worf Is Too Damn Merry.

Alien Circus Performers, And Other Sexy Aliens

Some More Alien Costumes

Season 4 Aliens

Season 5 Aliens

Season 6 Aliens

Truly Indelible Hairstyles

Alien Mohawks

Alien Pompadours


Keiko's Chopsticks

More Truly Epic Hairscapes

Hats! Season 4 was the season of hair and hats.

Truly Inspirational Alien Headgear

Keiko's Wedding Hat

Vash on Safari

The Time They Hung Out With Bavarian Hipsters

When Picard Grew Old On The Straw Hat Planet

And Knickers


Amazing Helmets


So Many Flowy Dresses!

Picard and Guinan Fencing


The Many Styles of Jumpsuits and Onesies!

That Time Everybody Wore Medieval Hoods

That Time Everybody Was Old-Timey And Met Mark Twain

A Fistful of Datas: That Time Everybody Was a Cowboy, Plus Data Was a Madam

Everybody's Doing Tai Chi!

When Everybody Went Undercover...

Picard and Riker Sported a LOT of V-Necks

But This Alien Really Worked the V-Neck

Some Amazing Vests!

Troi and Crusher Sported Serious Up-Dos

It Is Only Logical To Wear Silly Hats

This Vulcan, Meanwhile, Has an Superb Wrap

Let's Pause To Admire Data's Shiny Poker Visor

Future Worf Has More Style Than The Other Future Characters Put Together


That Time Everybody Was a Catburglar

The Many Looks of Data, Depending On Whether He's Evil Or Dead

And Riker!

The Space Devil!

Old Geordie Has Better Fashion Sense

See For Yourself:

Our Planet Fought Civil War Over Prints Vs. Solids. This is How We Compromised.

The Duras Sisters And Their Epic Boob Windows

Klingons Wearing Little Skirty Tunics and Armor With Equal Amounts Of Fierceness

Matt Frewer Sports a Macrame Jumpsuit Thingy. Well Done.

Data and Mini-Data

More Lwaxana!

Possibly the Most Impressive Hat of All

Deanna's Nightie

That Time Wesley Went To Live With Native Americans in Space

Noonien Rocks the Smock!

Boothby's Overalls

Picard and Riker in their PJs

Truly Amazing Vest-Pattern Combo

Worf's PJs

So. Much. Pink.

Awesome Shawl Thingy.

It's like a poncho. And a jumpsuit.

Picard Going Riding

Amazing Technicolor Klingon Dreamrobes

The Many Looks of Q!

Caveman Riker!

They Took Ruffles All The Way To Warp 10

Truly Marvelous Sweaters

Picard's Cute Shorts

Futuristic Swimsuit

Scotty's Vest. So Many Pockets.

Amazing Robes. Tons of Weird Holes and a Huge Turtleneck Collar.

This is what all the children wear in the future.

Federation Towels are All Made by American Apparel. And They Don't Absorb Water.