You're Right, Warehouse 13: A Pete-Myka Romance Would Be Like Incest

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Thank goodness Warehouse 13 recognizes that putting Pete and Myka together romantically would be a terrible mistake. Right? ... Right? I mean, the show spent an entire episode comparing the prospect of a Pete-and-Myka love affair to a brother-sister romance, via a "telenovela" theme. Spoilers ahead...


Seriously, Warehouse 13 scared me for a moment there, ending the episode "Savage Seduction" with that moment where Pete's ex-girlfriend Kelly says that she and Pete never worked out because Pete was in love with Myka. Pete looks kind of gobsmacked by her saying that, which mirrors my own reaction, watching the scene. Gobsmacked.

But then I thought about the episode that I had just watched, leading up to that scene — and felt immensely relieved. Because the whole episode is about how wrong for each other Pete and Myka are. In "Savage Seduction," Pete, Myka and Artie get zapped into a Spanish-language telenovela, sort of like Pleasantville or that John Ritter movie. And in the TV show, Pete and Myka are secretly in love with each other — but they're also both secretly the children of Artie's character, the Colonel.


The audience twigs to the fact that Pete and Myka's characters on "Savage Seduction," Armando and Maribel, are related way before they apparently do. First we learn that Armando is the Colonel's son, and soon afterward we're told that Maribel is the Colonel's only legitimate daughter. So it's not really a surprise when he announces that they can't be together because it would be incest — but it's still funny how shocked they act.

It's clever of Warehouse 13 to comment, in such a meta fashion, on how wrong it would be for Pete and Myka to get together. After all, Pete and Myka have been like brother and sister for the past five years, with Artie as their "father" — and it would be not just odd, but a little creepy, for them to have sudden romantic tension. Worse still, given how much we've heard about Myka's fear of dying alone, it would feel as though she's settling for Pete to avoid becoming an old maid.

But by embedding this odd reveal in an episode that's all about implausible soap-opera twists and narrative wackiness, Warehouse 13 seems to be winking at any viewers who might actually think Pete and Myka could ever be a thing.

... Right?

Anyway, the episode has a lot of fun with the idea of people being not quite themselves, with the cast taking turns holding the magic cufflinks that allow you to remain yourself inside the TV show. The whole "musical chairs self-awareness" thing makes for some pretty fun moments as Artie, Myka and Pete swap back and forth being in and out of character.


In the episode's "B" plot, meanwhile, it's Steve who's not himself. I have to admit to being a bit disappointed by the Steve subplot — given that the show only has two episodes left, this is probably Steve's last moment in the limelight, and he's gotten some really neat character moments in the past. Like when we met his mom. This episode could have been an excuse to delve one last time into who Steve is and why he's so emotionally closed off.

Instead, we use the artifact that splits frat boys into party animals and serious study-fiends... and it turns Steve into Uptight Steve and Over-the-top Gay Stereotype Steve. I don't entirely believe that these are the two halves of Steve's personality, or that his devotion to work is the only thing keeping him from calling everyone "girlfriend" all the time — the situation doesn't entirely seem analogous to the frat boys who want to party and study, in other words.


It lends itself to a few funny moments, but also makes me a bit sad about Claudia's relationship with Steve. The main take-away from this episode is that Claudia really, really likes having a gay best friend — and if Steve acted more "gay," she would be even more thrilled. She prefers over-the-top Steve to the real Steve, which put me in mind of that brilliantly cutting League of Gentlemen sketch about the woman who just wants her gay best friend to be faaaabulous. Or this. Still, like I said — the two Steves make for some funny bits, for sure.

Oh, and when everybody gets back to the Warehouse, they discover that Claudia's comatose sister Claire is gone. Missing. Presumably because of Evil Benedict Valda, whom we haven't even seen since the season opener.


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Would anyone happen to know a good sci-fi or fantasy novel or short story where incest is a major theme? Cause I just finished watching the anime Sword Art Online and that brother/sister(I'm sorry COUSIN) debacle was just creepy.