You're Gonna Need a Bigger Wallet for All This Great New Jaws Mondo Merch

These toothy Jaws tiki mugs are part of a whole Jaws-themed week from Mondo.
Photo: Mondo
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This year, Shark Week isn’t only on the Discovery Channel. The team at Mondo is in a munching mood too with a ton of shark-related merchandise themed to Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece Jaws. They’re doing an entire week of cool stuff, all of which you can see right now, exclusively on io9.

First up, today at noon EST, Mondo will release these three Jaws pins from designer 100% Soft. There’s Quint (1.5” W), Bruce (1.25” H), and Bruce & Quint (1.78” W), which cost $10 each.


On Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. EST, make your boozy beach dreams come true with three variants of a Bruce the Shark tiki mug, with swimmer swizzle stick included.

Created by Michael Bonanno, Tom “Thor” Thordarson, and Tiki Farm, these come in the standard as well as “Chum” and “Amity” variants. The variats cost $60 each and the standard is $55.


Then, Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. EST, Mondo will reissue John Williams’ Jaws score on vinyl featuring artwork by Phantom City Creative and liner notes by Mike Mattesino. It costs $35.


Finally, it wouldn’t be a Mondo event without a poster drop—and so, on Thursday at a random time, it will release this excellent 24” x 36” screenprint by Mark Smith. It’s an edition of 325 and costs $50.

Jaws by Mark Smith
Image: Mondo

All of these will be on sale on Mondo’s site and announced via its Twitter. It’s gonna be a great Shark Week.


This article was updated to correct the price of the Tiki mugs.

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