If you’re like us, you can’t get enough pop culture art. New movies, old classics, cult oddities—we love it all, and a new show at Los Angeles’ Hero Complex Gallery combines all of that and more.

The show is called “Quattro with a Shotgun” and features the work of four ultra-talented artists you may not have heard of yet: James Rheem Davis, New Flesh, Matt Ryan Tobin, and Vance Kelly. If you haven’t heard of them, though, check out those sites. Their work is badass. Below, check out just a few of the coolest pieces in their show.

Edge of Tomorrow by New Flesh


Aliens by Vance Kelly

The Martian by New Flesh


Raiders by James Rheem Davis

“The Bloodsucking Brady Bunch” by Matt Ryan Tobin


Alien by James Rheem Davis

“Miles To Go Before We Sleep” by Matt Ryan Tobin


“To Linger. Death” by Matt Ryan Tobin

My favorite piece in the show is that Blair Witch Project piece. In person, it has an ultra subtle layer of ink that makes those handprints look like they were put on by an actual ghost. You kind of get the idea from the photo but it’s so cool.

You can grab all these posters at this link, and get information to out the full show too.


[Hero Complex]

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