You're Going to Have to Wait Until at Least 2018 for the Next Seasons of Jessica Jones and Daredevil

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Netflix’s Marvel shows are, for now, sticking to a schedule of two shows per year. Which means a long wait for a second season of Jessica Jones, as well as the third season of Daredevil. And possibly an even longer one for the Punisher solo show.


On the TCA press tour, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos confirmed that Daredevil, which we got in April, and Luke Cage, which we’ll get September 30, will be this year’s Marvel offerings. Next year we’ll get the premiere seasons of Iron Fist and The Defenders. And then everything else. Which implies 2018, at the earliest, for season two of Jessica Jones. And season three of Daredevil. And Punisher.

The only good news is, assuming they stick to “two shows a year,” Jessica Jones will be one of the 2018 shows, since it’s supposed to film back-to-back with The Defenders.

You have to wonder how long Netflix can really afford to keep to the two a year schedule with all of these shows—eventually people aren’t going to want to wait so long between seasons. It already feels like Jessica Jones has a long-ass gap between her seasons. And is Punisher, which Ted Sarandos hinted might appear in Defenders, just gonna lurk in other people’s shows for a couple of years? And, most pressingly, does that mean three years before Daredevil deals with its dangling threads? What about the giant hole in Manhattan?

The answer, for now, seems like yes.


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I think your last paragraph is spot on. I find it interesting that they think they can afford to waste the momentum their shows create by letting them lag for two years or more. I get not wanting to oversaturate Netflix with a billion shows, but I guess I’m wondering why they’re adding Iron Fist and Defenders right now when they could save THOSE for 2018 and keep going next year with the shows they’ve already started.