Your Turn To Control The Stargate

The Sci Fi Channel caused tons of speculation when it announced the other day that it was launching a new online role-playing game that would tie in with a new TV show. Now the first details about this interactive venture are leaking out, and it seems to be another extension of the Stargate franchise.


Trion World, the network teaming up with Scifi to bring us the new television/online gaming series claims that "a Stargate MMO developed by Trion World Network and the SciFi channel is going to be integrated with the Stargate TV series sometime in 2010." Presumably like other Stargate games, the MMO would let you visit other worlds, and maybe choose to settle on them. But with the ability to have your actions in the game influence the meta-story on the TV show, will viewers choose to bring Jack O'Neal and Samantha Carter together at last?


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