Your tips: Steampunk gets a little bit musical, robots help with self-esteem, and toy cars explode

Every week, we round up the best tips that you post in io9's tips forum. This week, we've got a mash-up of Steampunk: the Musical!, toy car explosions, stem cells, Star Wars, fat-battling robots, and much more!

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Tip: It's Steampunk: the Musical!

Kinda like Harry Potter: The Musical only more indie and with lots and lots of goggles.

Andrew Liptak has the scoop:

Steampunk musical: []
via Lightspeed Magazine.

The band that created this is from, surprise surprise, Brooklyn and I must say that it looks pretty rad. I want to go to there.


Tip: Cool guys don't look at explosions.

They blow... toy cars up?

computerandvideoguy brought us one of my favorite videos ever to exist since the medium of film was invented:

Blowing up toy cars in slow motion awesomeness

Tip: In hooray science news...

DisturbingClown brings us some great news concerning stem cell research:

FDA approves first clinical trial for using stem cell therapy on spinal injuries: []

via ERV at: []


Tip: Someone has animated at least a good portion of Star Wars using ASCII.

Yeah, it's true. Is it a huge waste of time or a colossal waste of time? But I guess I really can't judge because I'm sure some haters back during the Renaissance thought the painting of the Sistine Chapel was a huge waste of time and look who's laughing now! I'm assuming that would be Michelangelo. Or Pope Julius II.


Anyway, kudos to SupaChupacabra for finding the link which you can see here: []

Tip: Having a hard time feeling motivated?

Maybe a robot can help.

Stochastic_Sam has the scoop:

A Hong Kong-based firm with the excellent name Intuitive Automata has developed a robot designed to help fatties combat obesity, by holding "conversations" with them about their weight. There is no word whether the invention is aimed soley at those without spouses.

The faux-cute "robot", called Autom, sits on the desk and holds daily "talks" with users. The conversations are tailored to the individual after they have first entered information about their diet and exercise regimen.



It's... cute? I'm sort of imagining it as being a fur-less Furby who has heart-to-hearts with you about how awful you look. Kind of like Short Circuit meets Stacey London.

Tip: Meet your new Sci Fi overlords!


This bit of news got lost in the excitement of ComiCon, but apparently there is a new network in the works that wants to be in direct competition with SyFy. It's name is... Syzygy. And, no, I don't know how to pronounce it either.


Via Doctor Insano:

Done a piece on the upcoming Syzygy Network yet?

This network looks to give back Sci-Fi TV to (American) Sci-Fi fans, unlike "Siffy" and it's slow decline into wrestling and other crap.

The network looks to keep costs low to begin with, to get its legs (and backers), which may mean old show repeats and/or indie works.

But so far, the Facebook page seems to have quite the fan base!
(Not bad for a new and unknown network!)

They even have non-Americans in favour of this! "Siffy"'s watered down programming must extend to the foreign counterparts.
(E.g: Australia's FOXTEL's Syfy channel.)

Also, the logo is a work in progress. They recently had a competition to make a better one than above, the choice is yet to be determined.


The facebook page is here and I just have to say that they'll have my support if they bring MST3K back into syndication. Or if they just play re-runs. Or broadcast pictures of Mike Nelson and Joel with the song "I Will Remember You" playing softly in the background.

Tip: Want to make your teatime feel a little more dangerous?

Then look no further! Though by "dangerous" I might mean "adorable."

SupaChupacabra found yet another great link:


This. Is. Genius.

via Neatorama and Dark Roasted Blend.

And, in conclusion, an incredibly adorable video featuring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and stolen bicycles has been circulating online. A shitton of users submitted this video in the tips but, given the ComiCon madness, it didn't get posted. So let us conclude this post with Star Trek cuteness:

I just want to draw hearts around them and make cooing noises. Bromancing it up, old school style.


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