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After what feels like ages, The Doctor is back! And this time, he’s brought along a new best friend in the form of Bill Potts. We’ll have a full recap of “The Pilot” up Monday morning, for now, unleash your spoiler-laden thoughts on Doctor Who’s return in this conveniently placed thread!


So, “The Pilot” ended up being a bit of a love story—and not one between The Doctor and Bill, but instead between Bill and young university student Heather... and whatever Heather became when she interacted with that weird spaceship fuel. It was an interesting way to introduce a companion to the show, almost a bit like it was on fast-forward. But in a good way!

Instead of giving us an episode where Bill gets to see her first alien world, another where she gets to go to a different time, we get to go along with her on a quick succession of hops in the TARDIS to get all that out of the way (Australia! 23 Million Years into the future! Daleks and a return of the amazingly retro Movellans from “Destiny of the Daleks!”). One of the things I’ve not particularly enjoyed about Doctor Who recently is its wonky pacing, episodes where nothing particularly happens until the last fifteen minutes, but the punchy, speedy nature at which we got to see The Doctor and Bill come together here was a welcome change of pace. Whether or not Matt Lucas’ returning character Nardole will be a bit of a third wheel remains to be seen though, as he was pretty much in this episode to crack the occasional joke and do little else. I hope we get an explanation of why he’s hanging around at some point.

Still, there’s lots to look forward to in season 10 beyond that—Emojibots, creepy aliens (and even creepier Cybermen), and, did you see that right at the end? A tiny glimpse of a very familiar returning face... oh, it’s good to have The Doctor back in our lives, isn’t it? Tell us what you thought in the comments below!

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