Your Picks For The Sensational Character Find Of The Decade!

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Well, I had to bring that image back once before the end of the year, right...? Last week, we asked who was the best new character of the last ten years, and your answers were... shiny, to say the least.

Okay, so apparently you'd all have been very happy if I'd included Malcolm Reynolds (from Firefly and Serenity) in my personal choices last week, judging by the number of requests he got in the comments (Well done, George Lucas, for coming up with Han Solo all those years before! And congrats, too, to Nathan Fillion, who also got a vote for his Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible). Second most popular, surprisingly? Wikus van der Merwe from District 9, which just goes to show that turning into an alien in a critically acclaimed SF movie is the way to a fan's heart. From there, it's a fittingly three-way-split for third choice with Firefly's River Tam getting a second nod from the Browncoats (Summer Glau's Cameron from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Characters also got a vote), Y: The Last Man's Yorick Brown and The Middleman's Middleman.


Runners-up for your love in the bottom half of your top ten were Dr. Horrible himself, Stargate Atlantis' Rodney McKay (Somewhere, Meredith is smiling), Fringe's Walter Bishop and Chuck's Chuck Bartowski, with Heroes' Sylar having one commented vote and a particularly forceful email supporting it. Never piss off the fans of brain-eaters, that's what I always say.

To creators looking to come up with new fan favorite characters, the lesson is obvious from this top ten: Either rip off Han Solo and find an actor charming enough to not care, or come up with a nerd who's out of his depth who also is funny, smart, hot and likes to nibble on brains every now and again. I look forward to seeing Neville Is Hungry But Can He Take A Break From Playing D&D And Saving The World To Fulfill His Cannibal Impulses on NBC next year.

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If only Lucas had seen what Joss Whedon had seen: Han Solo has always been te best and most loved character in Star Wars.

They're would be 50% less hate for the prequel if Young Han Solo had a scene or two stealing things and looking handsome (for a twelve years old, that is).