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Your Notebook Covers From Junior High On Speed

Illustration for article titled Your Notebook Covers From Junior High On Speed

This piece of concept art was developed from the mod Dawn of Victory that runs on top of the Star Wars: Empire At War video game, although the mod has now evolved into its own world, complete with a centuries-long backstory. In this image, Soviet fighters do battle in the skies above Earth against invading Scinfaxi forces.


As you can see on the left-hand side of the picture, those fighters don't really stand much of a chance against superior ships sporting what looks like lasers. It's probably safe to guess that a MiG wouldn't really do well against something like a Star Destroyer. Artist Godwin Koay is serving out the remainder of his mandatory national service in the Singapore Air Force. Which apparently gives him a lot of free time to produce impressive artwork. Hopefully his job in the Air Force isn't "Radar Screen Operator" or "Explosive Ordinance Checker."

Check out his website for tons of his other paintings and sketches.

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@Jeff-Minor: I had Space Man Spiff drawings, and a few Mr. Boffo cartoons drawn on as well. Not really all that nerdy. Space 1999... that's nerdy. Kudos!