Looking for a science fiction movie that won't skimp on action, adventure and politically incorrect action heroes who may have a drinking problem while they save the world? Universal may have just the thing you're looking for with Fear Agent.

The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Business blog noted that the studio is developing Rick Remender's Dark Horse comic as part of the overall development deal with the Oregon-based publisher set up following the two companies' partnership on Hellboy II: The Golden Army last year. Fear Agent was created in 2005 by Remender and artist Tony Moore as a series that its author describes as "a mix of our favorite three EC genres, Horror, Sci-Fi and War" that focuses on Heath Huston, one of Earth's last Fear Agents - men and women trained to defend the planet from alien attacks, and his none-too-glamorous attempts to live up to that legacy despite himself.


Will Dark Horse's 'Fear Agent' ride into theaters? [THR Risky Business]

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