Rethinking those San Diego Comic-Con plans in light of swine flu? If you're a fan of Fox's Dollhouse, you might want to rethink them again; news of the SDCC-exclusive Dollhouse DVD boxset has been released.

Fansite Dollverse released the details of the con exclusive this weekend; in addition to being available a week before the "regular" boxset, the SDCC-exclusive will contain four discs of the entire series including both the original version of the pilot episode and the unaired thirteenth episode. As well as being numbered, the limited edition set will also include a "letter" from Joss Whedon; will he thank you for buying the set? Explain what he would've done with the season without any network interference? Reveal that "Joss Whedon" has never existed, and the entire series is autobiographical? Your bet is as good as mine, but admit it; you kind of want one, don't you?


Dollhouse on DVD at Comic-Con [Dollverse]