This is one of the most ludicrous game parodies we've seen lately. You play the Spider-Queen of Mars, racing around classic arcade-style levels and trying to recapture your escaped Martian slaves. It's all part of Adult Swim's new viral marketing.

Here's the description:

Your Martian fortress is under attack! When Queen Tarantula starts an uprising and takes the throne, it's up to you to teach her a lesson. Work your way through a dozen levels of twisty arcade mazes, every bit as punishing as the classic games that inspired them. Bind and ensnare everyone in sight with your power crystal, and don't stop until you've got Mars hanging from your spinneret!


And here's a ridiculously detailed 30-minute gameplay video:

Feeling like becoming a Martian overlord? Click over to Adult Swim and get ready to play! [Adult Swim]