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Your Local Baskin Robbins Is Getting a Stranger Things Makeover

Hawkins’s newest ice cream joint.
Hawkins’s newest ice cream joint.
Image: Netflix

The third season (series?) of Stranger Things is barreling down upon us, which means it’s time for some marketing.


One of the biggest trends in marketing in this day and age is to make real-world locations into replicas of fictional spaces. We want to inhabit our fictions, hang out inside of them, eat the food and breathe the air that our favorite characters do. We’re fascinated by the ability we have to create uncanny, hyperreal liminal spaces that break down the boundaries between fiction and reality. With that said: Baskin Robbins is Scoops Ahoy!

Scoops Ahoy is the ice cream shop that will feature as a major location in the third season of the show, and has been a nexus of some of Netflix’s best advertising for the show. As reported by Bloody Disgusting, select Baskin Robbins stores are getting a makeover to resemble the Faircourt Mall standby, dressing up employees and locations to invite customers into the world of Stranger Things.


Ice cream? Nostalgic TV shows? What could go better together? Bloody Disgusting has some great photos of one of the pop ups, and you can see what sort of tasty Scoops Ahoy treats they’ve got here. And there’s even an exclusive Funko Pop!

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Pitch meeting for “the iced cream”:

A: Ok, so. We’ll take a uh, a cow. A lady cow, right? Yes, right. And we’ll fuck her. Fuck the darned shit out of her. That’s in order to keep her breasts full of squeezings.

B: Speaking for the board, we’re all def on board. So far.

A: Well the next part of the plan is critical. We’re gonna harvest the breastmilk and sell it. To humans, though. Not to other cows.

B: Go on ...

A: Here’s the genius part. We’re gonna take the fluid and freeze the shit out of it. We’re gonna add in some frozen water, which you people call ice, and a bunch of salt and sugar and, um, some more cow stuff? Anyway, it’s gonna own.

B: Wow. Wow. We’re sold. However much/many human dollars it takes, make this happen.

A: We could add in other flavors, too. I’m talking: cherry, banana, lamb, spent-lemon, void, apple-tini, potash slag, a sewage system, etc.

B: Do it/them.

A: We could do a TV show tie-in. “TV” is slang for “Telegram Viciousness” and it is how humans communicate in the modern era.

B: Some of the board members have asked: is there human/bovine semen in the Iced Creme, and what will you call these ... creameries?

A: Yes. And let me tell you: the first time I removed the fluid from the cow, I witnessed a red bird bathing in my bird trap. It was ... a Basking Robin. In honor of that bird, I would name the creamshop: Dying Cardinals.

B: Noice.