Your Liver, I Eats It With Fava Beans

Screw Iron Man 2. I'm so hyped up for Cats & Dogs 2 it's unreal. For starters these new posters are certifiably insane. Second, the head evil cat wears a puppy skin and is named Kitty Galore. Get it?

Anyway, I made a deal with the devil many years ago to get this job, and one of the clauses was that if a studio makes a movie with talking animals I am compelled to go see it. Plus, the trailer actually makes it look relatively funny. Here's a whole batch of new character posters that just kick the shit out of those lame ass G-Force guinea pigs. And I challenge anyone to come up with a better caption for the top poster pic of Hannibal Kitty.


Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it, watch it, because as I said before it has a kitty in a puppy suit, a kitty in a bunny suit, and BABY KITTIES USING BABY KITTY VOICES.

Cats & Dogs 2 is in theaters July 30, 2010, pre-party at my house.

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