Your Invincible Finale Discussion Zone Is Blood-Soaked and Spoiler-Filled

Nolan and Mark in... less complicated times.
Nolan and Mark in... less complicated times.
Image: Amazon

The season one finale of Invincible dropped today like a two-bit crook punched by Omni-Man. The show’s biggest mystery was solved, a father and son had a major heart-to-heart, the show’s most devastating battle occurred, and much, much more. Let’s talk.

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So: Comics fans have known about Omni-Man’s (J.K. Simmons) secret plan since the very beginning, so this question goes out to people who didn’t read the comics: were you surprised? I mean, obviously Nolan was murdering superheroes and was not a good guy, but did you expect the full extent of his plans and how brutal his showdown with his son Mark (Steven Yeun) would be? And comics fans, how did you feel about how the show deviated from and improved on the originals, not just in the finale but through season one?

There was also a ton of groundwork to set up future developments, which will definitely pay off now that Amazon has extended the show for at least two more seasons. For now, though, let’s have our own heart-to-heart about Invincible season one and the finale—just without all the blood.

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I think it’s great (especially the casting), but I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better for the show’s gradual build-up to be more circumspect about Nolan killing the Guardians in the very first ep. Maybe have staged it in such a way that the audience isn’t 100% sure it was him right from the jump.