Your Inbox Weighs as Much as 5 Sumo Wrestlers

Do you ever feel like newsletters, deals, and updates are weighing down your inbox? This isn't the spam of your inbox. It's the bacon. That's called graymail, and the amount you receive each year, if equated to the weight of real mail, would be the equivalent of 2,330 pounds. That's the same as 27.4 metal suits worn by a certain avenging billionaire. It's roughly 896 hardcover copies of the book on which a certain hit fantasy show is based. 2,330 pounds is the same weight as a dragon that, well, weighs 2,330 pounds! And as you'll see in this video, it's the same weight as 5 hefty, scantily-clad sumo wrestlers—yikes.

To lighten the load, Hotmail is taking the lead on managing your graymail. Their new "Sweep" feature allows you to select an email like a newsletter and have all of the emails from that sender sent to a folder of your choosing—or straight to the trash. "Schedule Cleanup" automatically cleans your inbox for you. You can set it to clean out certain newsletters or deals every few days, every month, or even to keep only the latest one. They also add unsubscribe links to most of your email newsletters, so all you have to do is click once and Hotmail will take care of the rest automatically. Head over to Hotmail to try out these and other great features and get your graymail under control.

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