Full-On Nightmare Fuel: Birds With Giant Mouths Instead Of Beaks

Digital artist Sarah DeRemer has come up with a series of utterly unnerving animal mashups that are just begging to be gawked at. She replaces the beaks of birds with the giant maws of other animals, teeth and all. The results are wonderfully horrifying.

We've enjoyed DeRemer's other animal hybrids, but this latest series is nuts, and we love it. (We do wonder, however, where a couple of these birds have stashed their eyeballs.) These are a just a few from the "Big Mouth Birds" series, and you can see the rest (as well as her other work) on her Facebook page. And, if you happen to be in Seoul, she has a solo show coming up in about a week.


Sarah DeRemer Art [via Laughing Squid]


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